Best Casinos to play online slots with real money

online slot machinesIf you have ever been into a traditional casino you would have noticed that the vast majority of games within the casino are slot machines. The same is true for the online equivalent as well. You could say that the slot machines have made the online casinos into what they are today. If you are a player that likes slots, you will never be bored, because you have a choice of hundreds of different machines to try. And each one of those slot machines is extremely easy to play and very exciting.

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Introduction about Modern Slot Machines

Modern day slots in traditional casinos as basically the same as the ones in real money online casinos, minus the cabinet. There is a huge variety of different slots so everyone can choose their favorite online slots for real money. You might base your choice depending on the reel type, the symbols, multiplier and other kind of bonuses, free plays, gamble rounds, and scatter symbols, but no matter the criteria, read over the rules of the particular slot game to check if it’s the right fit for you. Take a look at the lines required to win big; think about the bonus round offered and whether it may be a free roll bonus or extra cash; etc. Or if you are a big gambler, try to find one of the real money slots that have an embedded bonus game, giving you a chance to double or even quadruple your winnings. In the following we will have a deeper look at what modern slot machines have to offer.

Reels and Pay-lines

At first glance, online slots for real money look as the simplest game you may find. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity, because although slots are mainly a game of chance with little room for strategy, you need to understand the basic principal in order to play slots online for real money and win.

reels and pay-lines differencesFor starters, you need to know the difference between a reel and a pay-line. The term reel refers to the separate parts on the screen that spin, while the pay-line is the line that you bet on – usually the horizontal line in the middle. In the old days, slots were very simple – three reels and three pay lines on the horizontal. But with the advancement of real money online casinos and the excellent software supporting them, the games became more complex and much more fun. For example, now you will find games that offer anywhere from 10 to 243 pay-lines, in the horizontal, diagonal and combined. This makes the possibility of a winning combination appearing on the screen significantly bigger, but that doesn’t mean that the player will win, because it’s up to you to bet on one or several pay-lines. When the reels stop, lines that were picked are compared to the ones on the screen and payouts are made according to the pay table for that game.

Special Symbols

If you like to play slots online for real money, then the scatters and the wild cards are your best friends. In detail explained by When these special symbols appear in your game that means that you have struck gold, or at the very least you won’t be left empty handed, even if none of the other symbols are aligned.

Scatter symbols traditionally were represented by the double cherries. When they appeared on the screen, no matter if they aligned with anything else, a payout was guaranteed. The scatter symbols in some cases today are still the double cherries, but there is a whole new variety of scatters in online real money slots that are usually depend on the theme of the slot machine, whether that may be a coin, token, letter, picture… When the symbol appears on your slot machine, it means that a payout is guaranteed (usually minimal), but if combined with a second winning in a pay-line, it may double the amount or add a bonus to your win.

Slot games also use the so called wild cards, some of which keep the traditional role of doubling or tripling the winnings, while some, as in themed slot games can be combined with one set of symbols, but not other. That’s why you should read the rules carefully before you play slots online for money.

Here are some examples of popular Wild Cards and Scatter Symbols that increase your winnings. Seeing these symbols can be your gateway to riches and add to the excitement.

Free Plays and Bonus Rounds

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What makes online slots for real money even more exciting are the free plays and bonuses you might win with every spin. Some of the aforementioned scatter symbols or wild cards in particular combinations might activate the feature of extra plays, or free spins of the slot you’re playing. Those free plays may result in a win, or open further bonus features that combined might give you a chance of doubling your winnings.

The high quality software used by real money online casinos allows the operators a step further than the free plays in online slots for real money. Now you can choose a slot machine that has a whole other game embedded as a bonus feature. While playing, there are combinations on certain pay-lines that when activated take you to the bonus round, enabling you to really win big.

An excellent example of a great bonus game in a real money casino is the Monopoly Slot available at 888 Casino. This real money slot is based on the board game Monopoly, but is way more fun. In this real money slot game with 5 reels and 9 paylines, if you get 3 bonus symbols on the last 3 reels, The Community Chest bonus is activated, paying out the total wager times the bonus sum. Getting 3 dice symbols in a pay-line will activate the Pass and Go Bonus. That means that you get between 1 and 6 rolls which are then used on the Monopoly board to collect great prizes.

Risk and Gamble Games

If you are one of the many players that love to play slots online for real money, then you need to decide where you stand on the issue of risk variance. The term variance refers to “the risk over time” when playing real money slots. If you would like to play longer with limited funds, you should find a real money online slot machine with low risk variance, which will give you a lot longer play time. Unfortunately, the low risk variance online slots for real money also come with minimal chances of big wins.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are “the gamble games” or the high risk variance online slots. Play time is drastically lower, as the wagers are very high. But with great risk comes even greater chance that the gamble will pay out and you will win an enormous sum of money. Of course, the so called “middle ground” combines the best of both world and, depending on your bankroll and wager size, it will give you a chance for prolonged period of play time, while still having a chance of winning a hefty prize in a real money online casino.